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What Is A Dietitian

A Dietitian translates the science of nutrition into everyday information about food. Dietitians have special skills in translating medical decisions related to food and health to inform the general public, they also play different roles in various settings, for example:


  • A Dietitian working in community settings runs group educations as to inform the general public about nutrition, and to advise people on wise food choices for disease prevention.
  • A Dietitian working in hospitals provides medical nutritional services i.e. the care and intervention of health problems including diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, food intolerances and etc.
  • A Dietitian working in private settings, or working as a freelance Dietitian, may provide consultations for individuals with various special dietary needs, may provide health promotion activities such as nutrition seminars for corporates, may write nutrition articles for magazines, may provide home visit for people receiving nutritional support, and etc.
  • A Dietitian working in food services is involved in recipe development, menu planning, food hygiene and other food service operations.
  • A Dietitian working in a university may be involved in dietetic research and student training.

In brief, a Dietitian undertakes the practical application of nutrition and food with both individuals and population groups to promote well-being and to prevent nutrition related health problems.

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