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Let the Kids Make Their Meals

Children love making food by themselves. The more you involve children in food preparation, the more they are interested in eating. Letting your children prepare healthy foods for themselves is the easiest way to give them the positive experience of healthy eating. Let’s do it! This morning, when I told my kids that they need to make their own lunch ... Read More »

Give Me a Cup of Hot Drink

This was a cloudy Saturday morning, after sending the children to their activity centre, my Mr and I came to MoMoTea for my favorite hot pomelo tea. Sipping this tasty hot drink relaxed my mind and body. I was doing nothing, thinking nothing but chilling out…letting time fly. It was great! Every now and then, we all need to withdraw ... Read More »

New Exercise Guidelines to Aid Weight Loss and Prevent Re-gain

The American College of Sports Medicine has issued new guidelines on exercise namely increasing physical activity to lose weight and keep it off from 30 minutes a day to 50 minutes a day 5 days a week. In fact the National Weight Control registry also backs this up. This is a registry of 5000 people who have lost weight, an ... Read More »