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Recipe Development

Nutrition is our solid science, but food is our passion, together with our creativity, we develop unique recipes to meet your special requirements.

Collaborating with creative agencies, chefs and photographers, we can develop healthy cooking recipes for commercials clients, restaurants, hotels, magazines, and cookbooks. We can also develop recipes for educational purposes.

Our recipes are not only nutritious, they are also user friendly and are

  • Easy to read and follow
  • Tasty
  • Flexible, which means that our recipes can be used with fresh, frozen, or canned food varieties (unless otherwise indicated in the recipe).

We can tailor our recipes to suit different needs of our commercial clients:   

  • Nutritional information of the recipes.
  • Recipes with a shopping list.
  • Bilingual recipes that are in both English and Chinese.
  • Photo snapshot of the final dish.
  • Photo snapshot of each preparation step.
  • Professional photograhpy.
  • Recipes with only a limited number of ingredients.
  • Tailored specifically for certain cookwares.
  • Recipes for certain groups such as for vegetarians, children and elderly.
  • Recipes for a special health day, such as the World Diabetes Day.

Examples of Nutritional information:


  • Chicken, the main ingredient of this recipe is high in protein.
  • This recipe is high in fiber.
  • This recipe provides omega-3 fatty acid essential for our heart health.


  • Per serving provides 280kcal of energy, 20g protein, 40g carbohydrates, and 30mg cholesterol.

You request it and we will create it not only with our highest dietetic standards, but also with our love for food, to meet your requirements.

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