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How To Become A Registered Dietitian

Becoming a Dietitian
To become a dietitian you need to complete a tertiary level dietetic course. Courses vary depending on the university and the country where you intend to practise. Some examples of current courses that are worldwide accepted include: a two year post-graduate Diploma or Master Degree following a Bachelor of Science degree or a four year integrated undergraduate course in Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics specific). Courses should cover food, nutrition, health and diet-related medical conditions, and skills in communication, counselling, education, health promotion, management, research and critical analysis of literature and research.

Registered Dietitian
Once you are a qualified dietitian, you may need to be registered with relevant professional association(s) to allow you to practise in certain countries. Some associations require you to pass their local dietitians exam before becoming their member. Some examples of registered dietitians in other countries include State Registered Dietitian of Health Professions Council (UK), and Accredited Practising Dietitians of Dietitians Association of Australia. All dietitians professional associations require you to continuously improve and update your dietetic knowledge and skills by attending relevant conferences, seminars, and etc. This process is called Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and your CPD record may be audited yearly by the Association you belong to.

In Hong Kong
The Postgraduate Diploma (or MSc) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at Hong Kong University SPACE Institute (co-organized with the University of Ulster, UK) is the only way for you to become a dietitian in Hong Kong if you do not want to study abroad.

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