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Calci-Plus: Good for Bone Health

I am a fan of calci-plus because it is an excellent substitute for milk to provide about half of my daily needs of calcium; it also provides vitamin D for facilitating calcium absorption. I am lactose intolerant, and also cannot tolerate too much milk protein in my diet, as that will give me unbearable skin rashes. Calci-plus is a calcium ... Read More »

Konjac Jelly – A Healthy Sweet Treat?

Pros: It has a very nice taste! Comes in different flavours including grapes and peach. Each packet has 6 cute little individual servings. Each serving contains only 20.9kcal of energy and 5.7g of sugar . It doesn’t have any artificial coloring. Cons: This jelly has an elastic texture, which could be difficult for very young children and the elderly to ... Read More »