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Delightful Creatures from the Sea for Dinner

I have felt in love with cooking, especially when I see the “salivating look” on my children’s face when they are enjoying the food I prepared for them! I always try to make a “special” dinner on Saturday or Sunday night for the family, as I have more time on the weekends to plan for it and prepare something different ... Read More »

Let the Kids Make Their Meals

Children love making food by themselves. The more you involve children in food preparation, the more they are interested in eating. Letting your children prepare healthy foods for themselves is the easiest way to give them the positive experience of healthy eating. Let’s do it! This morning, when I told my kids that they need to make their own lunch ... Read More »

Give Me a Cup of Hot Drink

This was a cloudy Saturday morning, after sending the children to their activity centre, my Mr and I came to MoMoTea for my favorite hot pomelo tea. Sipping this tasty hot drink relaxed my mind and body. I was doing nothing, thinking nothing but chilling out…letting time fly. It was great! Every now and then, we all need to withdraw ... Read More »

In Progress…Our New Website!

Our most important duty at present is to move the contents of the old website to the new one, and to translate some into Chinese. However, while this duty is not yet accomplished, there are new things that I want to write about…Keep it up! This is the 7th year of Private Dietitian. Thank you for your support! We will ... Read More »

The Hidden Salt in the Maid’s Cooking

Most of the weekdays, I rely on the maid to cook dinners. Our maid is a fifty years old country woman who habitually enjoys really salty foods. I surely always remind her not to add too much salt or sauces when cooking food for us, especially for the children; and she can add extra salt in her food at the ... Read More »

Can Food Change Your Health?

I was at a Joint Symposium of Centre for Nutrition Studies, CUHK & Food Safety & Technology Research Centre PolyU in Prince of Wales Hospital. There were presentations on many nutritional topics, but I only found one of them interesting. That was about the evidence for fats in our diet. Saturated fats have had the bad reputation for increasing cardiovascular ... Read More »

Vinegar – A Fat Burner

A recent research in Japan (published on the web on May 26, 2009 by the American Chemical Society) found that vinegar can help prevent accumulation of body fat and weight gain. Tomoo Kondo and his colleagues found that laboratory mice fed a high fat diet and given acetic acid seemed to have up to 10% less body fat than other ... Read More »

Lose Weight Effectively (Part 2)

It has been a while since I wrote the Part 1. I hope that those of you who have successfully gone through the milestones that I mentioned in Part 1 have lost some extra weight and are now ready to join the weight loss journey again for more achievements. We know that rapid weight loss can be quite unhealthy. Please read “Fasting, The Shortcut ... Read More »