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The Hidden Salt in the Maid’s Cooking

The Hidden Salt in the Maid’s Cooking

Most of the weekdays, I rely on the maid to cook dinners. Our maid is a fifty years old country woman who habitually enjoys really salty foods. I surely always remind her not to add too much salt or sauces when cooking food for us, especially for the children; and she can add extra salt in her food at the table if she needs to.

Recently, I noticed that my children started asking for saltier food. I felt strange as they are rarely given high salt food or snacks. The children eat almost the same food as us most of the time, except they have a small plate of steamed egg to mix with their rice at dinner so it is moist and easy to eat. The only thing I could suspect was the steamed egg, so I tasted it. It was quite salty! I asked the maid about this, she calmly replied “There’s only half teaspoon of salt in it. Egg is tasteless, it would be tastier with some salt, and they loved it! They finish the egg dish every night!”

Unbelievable! I told the maid to stop adding salt into the steamed egg, and surprisingly, the children didn’t even notice the change in their egg dish, they still finish it at every dinner, and they continued to enjoy the natural flavour of a variety of foods.

Anyway, no matter how good a maid could be, her cooking can never replace a loving mother’s. Not to mention that I am a dietitian and a certified cook! I will try to cook more healthy yummy food for my children, because their health is very important to me. Every time when they praise that mum’s dishes are the most delicious food and they compete to clean the plates, it’s the biggest reward and motivation I get. I will try to make more time for cooking no matter how busy I am with work.

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