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Let the Kids Make Their Meals

Children love making food by themselves. The more you involve children in food preparation, the more they are interested in eating. Letting your children prepare healthy foods for themselves is the easiest way to give them the positive experience of healthy eating. Let’s do it!

This morning, when I told my kids that they need to make their own lunch today, Ethan got really exited whilst little Stefanie was a bit worried. We got some lean pork, carrot, baby shrimps, spring onion, and wonton pastry; obviously, we were going to make dumplings for lunch.

The kids did an excellent job in only half an hour! Although they didn’t really follow all the steps in my demonstration, they created their own dumplings: Ethan folded the filling in the pastry like making little parcels, and Stephanie crumbled the filling into the pastry to make balls.

They truly enjoyed the food making, and what’s more? They ate it all! Ethan said:”Mama, can we make our own dinner tonight?” “Oh, yes!” This night, we had yummy sushi. The kids finished the food faster than you could imaging, partly because I took them to swim before we make dinner.

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