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Food for End of Summer

Food for End of Summer

Lately the weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cold with alternating sunny and rainy days. It is obviously the end of summer. A weak immune system will be more vulnerable in this unstable weather, especially for the very young, the elderly, and also people with asthma, hayfever, and those who are suffering from certain chronic diseases.

Making sure you are eating the right foods to strengthen your immune protection is the priority this time of the year to prepare you for the colder days to come.

1. Plenty of fluid
Liquid: water, juices, green tea, milk;fruits and vegetables; soup, porridge, congee.

2. Plenty of antioxidants
Seasonal fruits and vegetables: apple, pomelo, pears, kiwi fruits, grapes, lemon, tomatoes, bitter melon, winter melon, peppers, cucumbers, French beans, spinach, egg plants.

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