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Dietitians in Hong Kong – Where Are We?

Dietitians in Hong Kong – Where Are We?

These days, more and more people are concerned about their diet and nutrition. Many people will turn to nutritionists for food advice, as they don’t even know the existence of Dietitians in Hong Kong. Actually, dietitians have been around in Hong Kong for more than two decades. But where are they?

I write this article simply to help you locate us, so you can get the right professional nutritional services for improving your health or for treating a medical problem that a special diet or certain nutrients can help. There is currently no local registration for dietitians in Hong Kong; we are mainly registered in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. Below is a list of different types of dietitians and their work places:

  1. Clinical dietitians: general, specialist – in Public and Private Hospitals, GP clinics, other private clinics
  2. Community dietitians: for community health programs – in Department of health
  3. Research dietitians – in Universities

As the beauty and health industry is growing rapidly, there are also dietitians working for Beauty Centres. These dietitians are mainly dealing with clients for weight issues. There are also a few experienced dietitians who work as free-lance dieticians as well as offering online consultation services.

If you need an experienced dietitian to help you improve your diet, please contact us today! 

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