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Diet Related Health Facts in Hong Kong

Hong Kong people nowadays are becoming more concerned about their diet and health, as their increased awareness of the relationship between diet and diseases. What is the current health situation in Hong Kong? Let’s look at some relevant factual information released by the Department of Health.

According to the “Health Facts in Hong Kong 2013 Edition“, among the ten leading causes of death in 2012 by the number of registered deaths, Diseases of Heart (6,254 deaths) ranked second, and Diabetes Mellitus (397 deaths) ranked tenth. 

The document also revealed the prevalence of selected lifestyle practices and health status of adults aged between 18-64 (as at April 2012):

  • Inadequate physical activity (by WHO’s recommendations): 53% in male vs 66.6% in female
  • Inadequate daily fruit and vegetable intake (less than 5 servings per day): 87% in male vs 77.8% in female
  • Overweight and obesity (BMI>23.0): 47.2% in male vs 27.8% in female

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