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“When it Comes to Vitamin Pills, Some People Just Don’t Know When to Pop” in SCMP

On 20th December 2011, Sasha Gonzales of South China Morning Post wrote an article on supplements in the Health section of their circulation, titled “When it comes to vitamin pills, some people just don’t know when to pop”.

Our dietitian Vivien Yiu was interviewed. Vivien comments that supplements are not always necessary and they are not for everyone.

Vivien says “It really depends on your lifestyle needs, nutritional status, dietary habits, as well as physical health,” she says. “If you don’t eat a balanced diet, if you’re pregnant, or if you suffer from nutritional deficiencies or have certain conditions that require you to consume supplements, then you probably need them.”

For healthy bones and teeth, Vivien says that “Most adults need about 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day, but research has shown that we get just 400mg of this amount from food,” she adds, “Taking a calcium supplement of 600mg a day should be adequate. However, you’ll need to increase this dosage if you are suffering from osteoporosis.”

“Most people get enough antioxidants from food every day”, says Vivien, “but if you smoke or do a lot of physical activities, you might need slightly more than the average person.”

When shopping around for supplements, Vivien suggests it is more important to check the dosage on the label. “The dose per tablet or capsule should be within the recommended daily allowance,” she advises. “You should only buy what your body needs, so avoid supplements that provide ‘mega doses’.”

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