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Lose Weight Effectively (Part 3)

Weight loss plans are all about mathematics. Please see below all the important calculation/figures for you to lose weight effectively.

  1. Females should aim for a daily calorie intake of about 1200-1500kcal; males should aim for a daily calorie intake of about 1500-1800kcal. However, this varies depending on each individual’s basal metabolic rate, your dietitian will be able to work it out for you based on your height and weight and sometimes with your body fat percentage taken into consideration.
  2. Avoid eating nuts or other high calorie snacks on a regular basis. The calorie of 1/4 cup of plain nuts (dried roasted) can be as high as 200kcal.
  3. Make sure when you eat extra food such as desserts or snacks, you will need to cut down the intake of other foods. For example, if you happen to eat a medium French fries, which contains about 350kcal, you will need to cut down your total calorie intake accordingly, such as reduce your intake by 2 cups of pasta, or a bowl of rice with 2 oz of meat.
  4. Replace high fat, high sugar snacks with fruits to minimize extra calorie intake during hunger.
  5. Try to eat as healthily as possible at dinner when eating at home, especially when healthy eating out options are not always available for you at lunch time on work days.
  6. Follow the “Eat small frequent meals” rule if you love food so much that you feel the need to eat constantly. Try to avoid eating too full or missing your meals to feel too hungry.

To learn more about losing weight effectively and healthily, please read Part 1 and Part 2 for more information.

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