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2008 Macau Half Marathon Completed

Yesterday morning our dietitian Vivien finished the half Marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

She says, “I have to admit that it wasn’t easy for me, but I did try my very best, and I am proud of myself for finishing the whole run. I ran the first 11km without any difficulty; however I felt that I was hitting the wall at 15km…It became a mental and a physical war for me at the same time…the rest was a mix of slow jog and brisk walk…”

“Although I got up at 4am that morning to fuel up myself and warm up for the run, I was not sleepy after the race at all, it must be the adrenaline effect after enduring such strenuous exercise. My knees hurt and I was starving, but indeed I enjoyed the half marathon a lot and surely this is my second achievement for 2008, the first was giving birth to my baby boy in April this year.”

“Participating in this event made me realise that we can push our limits; face new challenges and set new records. I feel great! The mentality of I CAN DO IT helped me through the run to make such an achievement possible.”

We could see Vivien was a bit limply while walking to the hotel restaurant for some breakfast at the end of the run, but we could also see the excitement on her face.

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