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Lose Weight Effectively (Part 1)

Lose Weight Effectively (Part 1)

A kilo of fat is made up of roughly 7,000 extra calories; so in order to lose one kilo of fat, you need to create a caloric deficit of 7,000 calories. How can we create a deficit of calories? Eating less and burning more is the key! Weight loss is a journey, which involves many milestones.

Milestones of the weight loss journey:
  • The reasons for you to lose weight is your motivation. It could be simply for improving your health; for attending a special event; for fitting into a smaller size, or to increase your energy level. If you are told to lose weight but you are not ready, then the first step is to understand your body and your possible weight issues.
  • Knowing what you are eating and learning about better food choices help you to identify the foods that make you gain weight.
  • Keeping a food diary is an easy way to keep track of your positive dietary changes, as well as to plan for more changes so you can reach your goal more quickly.

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