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Fasting, The Shortcut to a Slimmer Body?

Many people believe that fasting can help to clean the system, give the gut a rest, boosting metabolism, and kick start weight loss. Are these beliefs true? Is fasting a healthy process?

Our body gets its energy primarily from blood glucose, which are from the food we eat. Both our brain and nervous systems use blood glucose for energy and proper functioning. Extra glucose from the food we eat is stored in the form of glycogen in our muscles and liver.

During fasting, our body uses blood glucose rapidly. When the blood glucose level is running low, the body draws on its glycogen stores, which do not last very long. When these stores are exhausted, our body starts using its own protein and some fat to make more glucose for the brain and nervous system. This results in a considerable breakdown of both lean muscle tissue and fat tissue, together with a great loss of water from the body. You might seemingly lose weight, but it is due to muscle tissue wasting, depletion of glycogen, and dehydration. This unhealthy weight loss is usually accompanied with undesirable fatigue and dizziness.

Therefore, it is obvious that fasting is not the answer to better health, nor the shortcut to a slimmer body.

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