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Healthier Children: An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

Regular consumption of apples and fish during pregnancy may have a protective effect against the development of childhood asthma and eczema. A longitudinal birth cohort study tracked dietary intake by nearly 2000 pregnant women, then examined the effects of the maternal diet on respiratory tract and lung functions in 1212 of their children five years later. The results showed that ... Read More »

Cut The Festive Calorie

The Christmas and New Year holidays traditionally revolves around food and family; it is a time of joy and family celebration. Although it represents serious temptation for people who are trying to lose weight, the following tips may help you to stay on track throughout the holiday, so you do not need to start over again after the New Year. ... Read More »

Lose Weight Effectively (Part 1)

A kilo of fat is made up of roughly 7,000 extra calories; so in order to lose one kilo of fat, you need to create a caloric deficit of 7,000 calories. How can we create a deficit of calories? Eating less and burning more is the key! Weight loss is a journey, which involves many milestones. Milestones of the weight ... Read More »

2008 Macau Half Marathon Completed

Yesterday morning our dietitian Vivien finished the half Marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes. She says, “I have to admit that it wasn’t easy for me, but I did try my very best, and I am proud of myself for finishing the whole run. I ran the first 11km without any difficulty; however I felt that I was hitting ... Read More »

The 2008 Marathon In Macau is Coming

We are participating in the 2008 Macau International Marathon, Half Marathon & Mini Marathon Diabetes Hongkong Charity Running Programme. Our dietitian Vivien, says “I am so proud to run the half marathon. My longest running distance so far is 10km, so this is going to be a new challenge for me.” “The training has been taking up so much of my ... Read More »

Let’s All Eat a Diet With Good Nutrition!

We dietitians talk to you about nutrition all the time. No matter if you are coming to see us regarding weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol etc., we advise you to have a diet with good nutrition. Some of my overweight clients always argue, “Isn’t my weight proving that my diet has already been giving ... Read More »

Do Vegetarians Need Any Nutritional Supplements?

Different nutrients from the meat group are needed to meet bodily requirements to be healthy. Consuming only plant food puts vegetarians at higher risk of suffering certain nutrient deficiency. However, understanding what nutrients your diet might be lacking may help you make changes to prevent possible nutrient deficiency. There are different types of vegetarians. Vegans being the most extreme, are ... Read More »

Fasting, The Shortcut to a Slimmer Body?

Many people believe that fasting can help to clean the system, give the gut a rest, boosting metabolism, and kick start weight loss. Are these beliefs true? Is fasting a healthy process? Our body gets its energy primarily from blood glucose, which are from the food we eat. Both our brain and nervous systems use blood glucose for energy and ... Read More »

Website Upgrade

PrivateDietitian.com has undergone an upgrade to its website. We hope from this we will publish more useful content for you to use. In the coming months, we will be including news and updates from the dietetic, medical and health industry. Provide a members area including forums and an online library of facts and useful tips. Read More »

Eat Less to Lose Weight; Seriously

In a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was concluded that it’s not what you eat but how much that’s more important for weight loss. Researchers evaluated four diets on 811 men and women over a two year period. Two of the diets were with 20% of total calories from fat, and two were with 40% ... Read More »